Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy new year everyone and welcome to my blog. I decided to start this year fresh and make a new blog.
So for the start, here is something about me. My name is Heidi and at this moment i am a stay at home mom. I have two adorable and energetic kids. Daughter Meribel is 3,5 years and son Markkus is 2 years old. I live in Estonia.
I have been knitting and crocheting since i was about 14. It has always been my hobby. I went to study fashion design and it has given me a very good idea of how to make clothing that fits. But the problem is that i do not like sewing at all. I rather knit and crochet.
When my daughter was born i started to knit and crochet for her and saw that there are not many beautiful and comfortable clothind and hats in the stores. So when i made something to my daughter my friand started to ask these items for there kids too. This is how my Ilutegija project started.
So in this blog you will find my newest designs and also the projects that are not for kids.
Thanks for visiting and have the best day!!!


  1. That's such a great way to find a monetary aspect to something you already love doing! Great going -

  2. happy new year to you too!! Lovely dress.